About Us

S.A. SEDAN, founded in 1994, is a management company with an objective to cover the latest in the world of technology and innovation and implement them using the most recent knowledge in financing and entrepreneurship. 

Our staff monitor the global trends and produce reports on how the world of innovation and entrepreneurship are reshaping the business and how the business of technology is transforming the world. We aim to achieve a profound understanding of venture capital and capital markets.

We recognize the entrepreneurs’ role in innovation, which originates from a combination of managerial and monetary assets working in combination with the right strategy and execution. We strive to take all these factors into consideration when conducting evaluations on the potential of our company and technology to succeed. Since ignoring competition is not an option in any market, we aim to achieve the best recognition of the competitive landscape concerning any project evaluated.

As a privately held company, S.A. Sedan. has its headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.
Rue d'Enghien 20 Edingenstraat
1080 - Brussels
VAT : BE0453.378.592

Launched in 2007, is an online marketplace that offers a complete e-commerce service that aims to transform creative ideas into value generating business services, employing the latest developments in online retail.

In powering our independently-run shop, we manage every aspect of doing business online, including,

Secure payment processing “PAYPAL”, and quality customer services.





Account        230-0410938-66

Country        BELGIUM

IBAN            BE07 2300 4109 3866

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